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Cullman, Alabama consistently attracts new industries to the area in part because of the community’s highly trained and dedicated workforce. Cullman’s labor pool is comprised of residents in six counties and contains a large percentage of underemployed workers.

Employment (September 2021)

 Civilian Labor ForceEmploymentUnemploymentUnemployment Rate
*Source: Alabama Department of Labor
State of Alabama 2,207,637 2,139,093 68,544 3.1%
Cullman County 38,657 37,873 784 2.0%

Workforce Data Reports

Cullman County Occupation Snapshot

Cullman County Occupation Snapshot - 50 mile radius

Cullman County Workforce Characteristics

Cullman County Workforce Characteristics - 50 mile radius


Commuting Patterns

There are over 15,000 people living in Cullman County who travel outside of the county for work every day. This is a large pool for employers to draw from when recruiting for their companies. Over 10,000 people live in neighboring counties and drive into Cullman every day to work.

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Cullman County Commuting Patterns – Inflow / Outflow Characteristics

Low Union Representation

Only one of Cullman County’s 120+ manufacturing and distribution companies has unionized employees, and that is just a portion of the company.  No new manufacturing unions have been organized in Cullman County since 1970. Less than 0.5% of Cullman County’s workforce is represented by organized labor.

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